Lynette Gibson

Jewelry Design

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Beauty4Ashes: Something beautiful born from the ashes of sorrow. Lynette creates affordable, handcrafted jewelry with each piece designed to be one-of-a-kind. She achieves this by using semi-precious gemstones, handmade beads, and other unique natural elements. She often uses vintage components and combines them with new materials to form a cohesive piece where one cannot distinguish the old from the new. She has discovered how jewelry can accent the beauty that already exists in our soul. Lynette hopes women and men can enjoy wearing these pieces as much as she enjoys creating them.

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Beauty 4 Ashes Bronze Bracelet

$ 35.00 USD
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Beauty 4 Ashes Onyx Star Necklace

$ 90.00 USD
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African Brass Necklace

$ 120.00 USD
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